Going through existing code

We can help you improve or correct existing code. Solid Code offers an affordable solution to companies that need help with their software a couple of times per month or as a one-time project. Instead of hiring an IT person to your company, you can now buy the service from us.


Do you think that your project would suit us? Don’t hesitate to contact us. We can discuss your project and give you an offer.

Professional services

We can offer you easy access to professional system developers and thereby a direct and quick interaction. Our highly competent system developer’s knowledge in project management will facilitate good project results.


We can for example help offices look over routines through the eyes of a bystander. Perhaps there is room to optimize how you use your time?

Other services

We possess a wide range of expertise, that we are happy to share with our clients. We can help you build a .Net platform or create or fix any program that uses SQL. We can act as scrum masters, participate in continuous integration or help you get started with a new software. All this on both Linux and Windows.


All in all we can help you especially with software written in the following languages: PHP, C#,, SQL, C++, VBA, C, Python, Javascript, Bash and COBOL.

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