About us

We founded Solid Code as we saw a need for companies to be able to hire developers only when they actually need them. Not all companies can afford to hire one developer as their in-house developer, let alone a group of three highly competent developers.


With a group of three, we are able to make sure that our clients get the best solutions for their programming needs. We all have worked within or for many different firms for a long while before founding Solid Code and we can therefore say that we understand business on a deeper level. By combining all of our knowledge and working closely together as a team we are convinced that we can provide our clients with insightful and tailored high quality solutions.

Hans Seppelin


I’m Hans Seppelin, a positive guy who appreciates both music and humor on a daily basis. I’m 50 years old and a father of two. On my spare time I spend time with my family and train a U18 girls football team. To keep myself in shape I run on a regular basis. My longest race is Lidingöloppet, which is a 30 km long terrain race. I actually like all kinds of sports and have recently taken up scuba diving as a new sport to entertain myself with.


Since I am 50 years old, I’ve had quite much time to code. You can call me senior Senior Developer. I graduated in 1992 and have been working as an entrepreneur since 1993. I have a lot experience of systemizing, planning and programming. I have worked in both smaller and bigger projects for example at Riksförsäkringsverket (Sweden), Estlander & Partners, ABB and Wärtsilä. I’m a bit of a perfectionist and the code should ideally be flawless. Through the years I have however learned to master the skill of managing time and knowing what to spend time on.


Languages I currently know best are VB.net and C#, but I have also used JAVA, PHP, C++ and COBOL. The databases I use are MS SQL, Oracle and MySQL.

Robert Ahlskog


I’m Robert Ahlskog, born and raised close to the sea in a small place called Björkö, just outside of Vasa. I’m a positive guy who appreciates a joke every now and then. When not coding, I’m interested in all kinds of technical stuff, hands on electronics and mechanics does not scare me. A relatively new interest is my 3D printer, it’s fun to discover how to design in order to get the product I wish for. When I want to completely log out from technical stuff I go mountain-biking in the woods.


When it comes to coding I’m interested in the architecture of the code and I put a lot of effort into writing code that is reusable. I’ve been coding for over 15 years now and have worked with a wide range of tasks, all from microcontrollers to web and desktop applications. I like to learn new stuff and I should be able to learn most programming languages if I’m given a week or two to work with it. I also believe strongly that something that works should never be trusted fully, I like to break things intentionally to better understand why it worked in the first place, and then build it up again.


I have substantial experience of working with software development with various tasks as a Software Developer, for example at: Edge Innovation, DigiTalo and Fixura.


Languages I currently know best are C++, C#, vb.net, Python, Php and SQL, but I have also used C, Bash, JAVA, Javascript.

Mattias Ahlholm


I’m Mattias Ahlholm, a friendly dude with a big dose of curiosity and a slightly wicked humor. I still, after 30 years of coding, believe anything can be done, even if it sometimes might require some wild ideas (which I luckily enough haven’t been lacking this far). I do enjoy sports, I’ve run a half marathon, and I plan to do the other half another day. When not producing code I do also like to spend some time on my farm and take care of my bull.


When it comes to coding I’m passionate about clean, working code and the process to get there. A general rule I try to follow, is that a normal coder reads code 10 times more than they write code, and therefore we should think of our future readers when we write that code. I’m generally capable to see the big picture whilst paying great attention to detail. I’d gladly discuss my views on coding so that we can figure out together how we can improve the software development process even further.


I have substantial experience of working with software development with various tasks, for example at Estlander & Partners (Software Developer) and Fixura (Head of Software Development).


Languages I currently know best are Php, C#, Vb.net and Sql, but I have also used C++ VBA, C, Python and Javascript.

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